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Fair 13 Deals have dedicated cab services for Melbourne suburb to suburb & Airport taxi service, so that you never have to wait for travelling. Our cabs are always neat and clean and we make sure its sanitised properly to provide you a safe journey in Melbourne.


  • Airport Taxi Service (Pickup & Drop-off)
  • Silver (Premium) Taxi
  • Maxi Van Service
  • Corporate Travel
  • Hotel Transfers
  • Wedding Car Service
  • City Tour Service








On every day many numbers of passengers arrive and depart from our domestic and international airports. So we are the perfect choice for a passenger to manage their journey in a new city. Through using an advanced feature of GPS technology in our cab we make you reach at the airport or at the destination on time by finding out the shortest possible route during the time of unforeseen congestion in traffic.


We offer corporate cab services in all major Australian cities. We offer suitable cost-effective packages to the client. We believe in making clients stress free during travel because a happy and relaxed client is key to a successful business. All our cab for corporate travel have premium interior as well as exterior. Our cab has comfortable seats and comfortable space for the working of the client during travel.


We offer city touring services in almost all major cities in Australia. We offer our guest to roam around beautiful Australian cities. Australian cities are full of beautiful monuments, museums, laneways, Restaurant and cafes. To cater to each type of traveler, we keep in mind about their time frame and budget. So we provide different package to suit your time and budget. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group of family or friends, we are ready to add melodies in your memorable trip in Australian cities during the tour.


If you are looking for a parcel, delivery within the city or across the city in The Australia then fair113deals provide you the best package for it. We deliver your product with the highest level of security because we focus on the safety of your parcel utmost. We have a completely centralized system for tracking your parcel once we pick it up from your location. You have to just choose pickup time and location for your parcel.


If you are going for a birthday event, marriage ceremony, concert, or and sports event then we have the perfect combination of a package to meet your requirements of comfort. You don’t need to worry about the parking problem or stress-induced during traffic before the event. You just have to select destinations of your events while, then just make relax after getting in our most comfort promising cabs. It will make you reach you at your destination on time and with courtesy.


The best way to tour from hotels in the city is to travel by shuttle services. It travels from many hotels in a short interval of time. As with this service, there is another co-passenger in the cab so rent is also divided among all passengers, so it is a cost-saving option. You should avoid bulky luggage using this service. You can book the cab through our desk at the hotel or the airport. We are affiliated with all the major hotels in the cities.



Booking for a cab is quite easy through our web portal. You can either book your ride by booking it online through our web portal or you can call at 0416 513 234 or via SMS also you can book a cab. If you are booking online then you have to just fill detail regarding Pickup address and destination address, contact detail. After filling this driver near you will be notified once you confirm your booking and in almost no time he will be at your pick up point. You can book your ride in advance also by opting book later option.


We trained our driver thoroughly before opting for them as a professional cab driver. They have adapted with moral and ethical values so that they serve always in a courteous manner to the passenger for their satisfaction. They are also trained regularly for new advancements in the technology-laden on our cab. They are licensed and certified from the concerned regulatory authority in the field of cab driving. They are always ready to perform above the call of duty.


Our car is cleaned and sanitized after every ride. Apart from this our cab is cleaned and checked regularly in our service station from inside as well as from outside to prevent any discomfort to the passenger during the ride. Each cab of our fleet has the facility to air freshener to remove any unwanted odor of oil and fuel.


Our customer support team is available 24×7 to serve you. Our team is ready to help you for any issue whether it relates to pre-booking, during the ride or even after the ride; if you have any issue regarding your past rides then we are ready to serve you at any time of the day. We do surveillance in all our cabs during the travel and if any unforeseen problem occurred during a ride, then we promptly approach to the driver and passenger to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Now book a cab online with Fair 13 Deals. You can easily book a cab online via our online booking portal, or simply give us a call.